We rate walk-in tub companies based on the following factors:

  • Customer care both before and most importantly after the purchase
  • Overall quality of the walk-in tub and the tubs price
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Variety of models and features
  • Ease of use
  • Length and comprehensiveness of coverage of the manufacturer's warranty 
  • Knowledgeability and professionalism of installers
  • Quality of installations over time
  • How fast repairs are done and ease of repairs
  • Whether the tubs are Acrylic or fiberglass (fiberglass is recommended over acrylic walk-in tubs)
  • Step-in height, safety features and comfort

Best Buy Walk-In Tubs

Best Buy Walk-in Bathtub's is headquartered in Granbury, Texas. Family owned and operated, founded in 2006. Best Buy Walk-In Bath Tubs was the first company to offer neck massage vibration systems on their walk in tubs and are now offering their newest line a slide in bath tub. They offer 5 different models of American made walk-in tubs. Their tubs design, quality and workmanship are excellent. They allow self-installations and ship all of the USA. The step-in height of Best Buy's walk-in tubs is 5.5", which is average. Best Buy offers a lifetime warranty on their door, double door seal, tub shell, steel frame. Best Buy walk-in tubs are the only walk in bath tub that can be customized to order. They have package pricing deals on their most popular models. They offer air hydrotherapy, water whirlpool therapy, inline heater, ozone sanitation system, standard or upgraded faucets, chromatherapy, aromatherapy, heated seats and heated backs, 2 grab bars and they are now offering the neck massage and vibration system. They give approximate pricing over the telephone which is very rare in the industry. Their customer service is top notch. Best Buy's walk-in tubs utilize quality, gel-coated, marine-grade fiberglass and they sit in a sturdy steel frame with leveling 6 legs. Best Buy is a great choice to consider when purchasing a new walk-in tub made in the USA.

(888) 825-2362


TheraTub's has a frameless walk-in tub design has a 0-2 inch step-in height. This design also allows for both easier installs and repairs, less time intensive and more cost effective. The fiberglass used is about 3 times thicker than other fiberglass made walk-in tubs and they use an ample coating of sanitary, bacteria-resistant gel coat. This coating also makes for easier cleaning and gives a high-gloss shine to their tub. TheraTub offers many customizable models and a unique two-seater. Their product is manufactured in Georgia and they have the only completely certified walk-in tub to be Made in the USA. The company states they have many positive references. TheraTub will come into your home to give a quote. They offer many extras, at no cost, like the pillow, 3 custom grab bars and cushions. The company claims to have a strong focus on customer care, high-quality design/material usage and unusually low cost, we now have TheraTub as a top rated walk-in company.

(866) 686- 8827


Jacuzzi, also known as, First Street's walk-in's utilize quality materials built in Valdosta, Georgia from a mix of American and Chinese parts and their workmanship is good. Jacuzzi's has a jet system that delivers one of the highest volume flows on the market today. Their walk-in tubs are made with acrylic and they use a gel-coat which makes their shell resistant to fading over time. Jacuzzi uses a strong metal frame to support their walk-in bathtub models, but they do have one of the highest step-in heights and the frame is subject to rusting. Jacuzzi's walk-in tubs come with a limited lifetime warranty on the whole tub. Their product and warranty are good and their customer service is rated at above average.

(888) 670-3599

Safe Step

Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co. opened in 2008 and is based in Nashville, TN. Safe Step is one of the larger walk-in tub companies in the marketplace and they have a large network of dealers located in America as well as Canada. Safe Step's walk-in bathtubs are manufactured in the USA and they use high quality materials, but Safe Step's walk-in tubs only come in 3 sizes and their customization is very limited. Safe Step has a large advertising budget, used to provide leads for their sales force. Their prices include their marketing budget and their big sales force. Safe Step has many complaints online and their customer service reputation is very lacking. Like many walk-in tub companies, Safe Step requires an in-home consultation and they will not give pricing over the phone to potential customers. Safe Step's walk-in tubs are about $13,000 - $18,000 for an average setup. Safe Step offers a lifetime warranty on their entire tub. Recently about 6,400 Safe Step walk-in tubs were recalled due to their heated seats staying stuck in the on position, creating a burn hazard. Overall, Safe Step offers a quality, Made in the USA, walk-in tub, with a low step-in and a strong warranty.

(800) 346-6616


Based in California and founded in 2008, Bliss's walk-in bathtubs are made of woven fiberglass and they are known for having good controls, as well as having one of the quietest motors in operation. With Bliss's tubs you can choose either an inward swinging door or an outward swinging door. Their walk-in tubs are seated in stainless steel frames and their tubs are UL certified. Their tub bodies, which are seated in stainless steel frames, are a USA design but they are manufactured by a Shanghai factory that also supplies other major U.S. walk-in tub suppliers. Since their origin in 2008, there have been no complaints to be found online and their tub body was designed in 2003 by a veteran walk-in tub designer. Bliss's walk-in tubs are in the higher price range compared to similar companies, but they have a nice finish, a solid 10 year warranty on the door seal and 2 year coverage on the supporting equipment, including motors. Bliss offers a solid line-up of 20 models.

(888) 398-5898


Rane Walk-In Tubs offers a large selection of both residential and industrial use walk-in tubs and was founded in 1999. Rane's walk-in tubs are manufactured in the USA and their tubs are sold by independent dealers throughout the country. The sales and service levels will be dependent on the dealer you bought it from. Rane Tubs are built with quality materials and their walk-in tubs come with an adequate warranty which covers the door seal for life, the shell for 5 years and 3 years on any moving parts. Rane's walk-in tubs carry the UL/CUL listing mark, which indicates that the tubs comply with Canadian Standards as well. Rane was found to have no complaints online and they have a good rating with the BBB. Rane's walk-in tubs have an outward swinging door which makes them unable to fit in many bathrooms and they are in the considerably higher priced category. Rane offers good customer service and they are a good brand to consider.

(888) 880-7373

Ella's Bubbles

Ella's Bubbles is based Chicago and they feature a large line-up of Chinese made acrylic and fiberglass walk-in tubs, which are assembled in America. Their step in height is 8 inches to 9.5 inches, not much less than a standard bathtub step-in height and higher than most. Ella's Bubbles does not sell directly to the public, they operate through a network of their registered dealers, so the prices and installation quality vary greatly. Ella's sells their walk-in tubs to the lower 48 continuous states as well as certain parts of Canada. Ella's Bubbles has a good rating with the BBB and there are no registered complaints to be found online. Ella's Bubbles walk-in tubs meet international standards and their materials are in the average quality category. Ella's Bubbles walk-in tubs utilize non-winged, inward swinging door on most models with 1 wheelchair accessible model featuring a winged outward swinging door. Their walk-in tubs fill up at about 18 gallons per minute and have a stainless steel and glass door. Ella's Bubbles warranty covers the door seal for life and 5 years on all other equipment used in the tub. Their walk-in bathtubs feature a lot of the extras expected in the industry. They offer financing plans.

(800) 480-6850


Premier Care in Bathing is one of the largest walk-in bathtub companies in business today. Premier is one of, if not, the oldest walk-in tub company in the industry. Premier Care was founded in 1985 in the United Kingdom and then moved to America in 2000. They are headquartered in South Daytona, FL. Premier has a very strong presence on the internet as well as on television commercials and in magazines frequently read by seniors. They are known to be very aggressive and high pressure with their call center's outbound calls, with an attempt to set an appointment. While only offering air jets, Premier does have a large selection of different walk-in tub models. Premier does not provide references, citing HIPPA regulations as the reason. An attorney specializing in HIPPA compliance stated that as long as the person gives permission for their name to be given as a reference, there is no HIPPA violation. The consumer may draw their own conclusion as to why Premier and other companies are so reluctant to provide references.

(800) 934-7416


Comfort Walk-In Tub's headquarters is in Canoga Park, California and they were founded in 1999. Comfort's walk-in tubs are made in China. Most walk-in tubs in the industry today are made in China, but they do not try to hide this fact. They have a good rating with the BBB and only a few complaints online. Comfort Walk-In Tubs offers a good number of models and all can be equipped with most of the available extras and accessories other companies offer. Comfort's walk-in bathtubs all come with a warranty which covers the door seal for life, 10 years on parts and 1 year on their installation and workmanship. Comfort's walk-in tubs are very similar to the type offered by Ella's Bubbles and they are medium price range in category. The step-in height is fairly high at 6 inches and the quality of the materials used in Comfort's walk-in tubs is below average. Comfort will ship the walk-in tub to your door and also help you find an installation crew in your area.

(888) 399-1211

American Standard

American Standard is based in Piscataway, NJ. They sell a lower quality, acrylic, Chinese made walk-in tub in big-box stores like Lowes, Home Depot and also online. Installation costs of American Standard's walk-in tubs are some of the highest in the industry and the prices listed on their website and in stores do not include faucets, wall surrounds, etc. Like many consumer items today, their walk-in tubs are manufactured in China and then shipped to the United States with the "American Standard" brand name. American Standard takes their Chinese manufactured and imported walk-in tub and assembles it in the USA and then deceptively claims their tubs are "Handcrafted in the USA". Warranty coverages vary, depending on where it was purchased and the installers you use, but they are generally sub-par. There are numerous complaints to be found online for American Standard. Most of the complaints claim to have overpaid for a lower quality walk-in tub that they received and many people complained about the poor customer service they received when calling for repairs. American Standard does not specialize in walk-in bathtubs.

(800) 442-1902


Envy specializes in walk-in tubs and is based in Mesa, AZ. Envy has a large variety of lower-quality, Chinese made walk-in bathtubs. Envy offers up to 6 hyrdo jets on some models. The materials and quality of Envy's tubs are some of the lowest of all the companies reviewed here. Envy's walk-in tubs sit in a strong, 6-point stainless steel frame and have an acrylic body. Envy's warranty carries a lifetime warranty on the door seal, but because Envy does not install most of their products, the repair costs are usually paid for by the consumer.

(888) 848-3899